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Frequently Asked

Questions are good! We did our best to answer any questions you may have but inevitably we'll miss some! Please reach out to us if this does not answer your question(s). 

Do you charge for each day I have the items?

No! Your rental period will begin two days before your event and end one days after! You will pick up and drop off your items at the same location. If you need more time please let us know, depending on need we may be able to accommodate you! 


Do you deliver?

At this time, we are able to deliver certain items. We have dreams of purchasing a delivery truck so we don't have to limit our deliveries. There is a $150 order minimum and a delivery fee. We are only able to deliver to the KC area. 


How does the ordering process work?

Once you are ready to submit your order request, just send complete the contact form (include: date needed, items, and quantity) and click submit.  Your order request is now submitted! We will send you an invoice once availability has been confirmed and you may pay via a payment link.

You will be contacted to confirm availability or if there are any issues. Once the availability has been confirmed, you will need to pay your invoice with in 7 days to reserve your items. If the invoice is not paid, your items will be released. 


What should I do with dirty chargers, linens, etc?

Please scrape and rinse chargers and return to the milk crate or bin they came in. Linens can be returned to the bin you picked them up in, please be sure they are dry to avoid any mildew! 

Let's Work Together


Business Hours: Monday - Friday 10am-4pm 

Showroom consultations by appointment only.


Email: complete the form above

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